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A long way in the world of chemistry

  • Casa Ramón Massó. SPR


    Ramón Massó Marcer

    Ramón Massó Marcer, left his hometown of Sant Pere de Ribes to establish a business in Barcelona dedicated to chemistry, specifically dyes for the textile industry.

  • Juan Massó Soler


    Juan Massó Soler

    His son, Juan Massó Soler, dedicated his professional life to the family business.

  • Jose Luis Massó


    José Luis Massó founds Comercial Química Massó company

    José Luis and Juan Antonio Massó Tarruella found the new company COMERCIAL QUÍMICA MASSÓ, S.A. expanding the field of action to different industrial sectors.

  • Almacén SPM de C.Q.MASSÓ


    We begin our international expansion

    We open offices in France and Italy.
    We are more than 150 people working for the company.

  • Entrada al almacen C.Q.MASSÓ de SPM


    We keep growing

    We open offices in Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic.
    We are more than 200 people.

  • Interior almacenes de C.Q.MASSÓ


    We consolidate our International expansion

    We open offices in Turkey, China, Peru, Mexico and Costa Rica.
    We were more than 360 people.

  • Interior almacenes de C.Q.MASSÓ



    We open offices in Romania. We have expanded our facilities in Sant Pere Molanta
    We were 380 people.

  • Exterior de C.Q.MASSÓ. SPM


    We open offices in Chile.
    We are more than 400 people.

  • Laboratorios de Nutrifoods y Pharmafoods del grupo C.Q.MASSÓ



    Nutrifoods & Pharmafoods.
    We are more than 420 people.

  • Walking

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